Top 5 Indian Marathons to Participate In

Marathon serves as the supreme metaphor for life. The longevity, the struggle, all these resonate with all. No matter what the immediate particulars of our life be. But how many can claim to have participated in an actual marathon? So here we compile a list of the top Marathon in India that you should participate in at least once in your lifetime. If only the poetry of running for the sake of it, to gain new experience is not enough for you, then try it for its health and psychological benefits.

1. Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Tata Mumbai Marathon-which was formerly known as the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon- is an annual international marathon. It is held in Mumbai every third Sunday of January each year. It is Asia’s largest Marathon while also enduring the title for the largest mass participating sporting event of Asia.

2. Satara Hill Marathon

The Satara Hill Marathon is an annual running event in the eponymous city of Satara, Maharashtra. It is famous for the location of the event, which is so mesmerizing and serene that people from across the city come to participate. It has made it to the Guinness World Record, with the title in its 2015 edition. “Most people in a mountain run – single mountain.” It takes place in a UNESCO World Heritage site, adorned with mountains and wildflowers.

3.Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, New Delhi (ADHM)

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious Marathon. It is held in Delhi, usually in November, and is considered extremely popular among runners. Starting from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, it continues towards Safdarjung’s Tomb then past through the India Gate, crossing Parliament House and a return trip.

4.Ladakh Marathon

The Ladakh Marathon is amongst the most difficult of marathons. You have to report at least a week before the start of the event. It helps in accommodating to the high altitude. It takes place through the historic locations, in a serene backdrop of mountains, rivers, and valleys.

5.Run the Rann

It is one of the significant events of Gujrat, and India’s most unprecedented and challenging foot race. It has a very enticing combination of off-trail trekking and bushwhacking. The location of the trail is Dholavira, in the backdrop of the picturesque island of Kutch.

The above events are nothing sort of adventures intermingled with the utilities of health and fitness. We hope that the selection of such prestigious events, in the locations of extreme beauty would inspire you to participate. Of course, only after our life returns to the pre-COVID normalcy. Till then, keep exercising, stay fit, stay healthy.

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