Top 4 Exercises that will cover all your Cycling Needs

Have you ever considered what muscles do cyclists employ most? What is the stamina requirement if you want to start riding? How strong should your core be? The primary line of curiosity behind these questions is what exactly are the exercises you need to become efficient in cycling. So if that question troubles you too, then worry no more. We at Ironmen Academy have brought you the 4-basic exercises that will cover your entire requirement while you are starting out at cycling.


Planks are one of the most effective for core strength that has virtually no time or space constraint. It works on the abs, lower back, shoulder. It is necessary to perfect your plank so that you can hold your position for a minute. After perfecting that, you can try out several variants. Several variations step up the difficulty level. For example, you should try lifting a leg at a time, or do side planks, as you step up your game.

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Lunges are the ultimate set exercise for cyclists as you do them one leg at a time, similar to when you are riding a bike. They work on your hips, hamstrings, and quads. Start the basic lunges without weights, and once you get comfortable, start employing dumbbells.


It is one of those exercises that will boost your endurance to a different level. Squats works on glutes, hips, hamstring, and quads to enhance your endurance along with strength. Similar to planks, it has lots of variations, and once you are clear with the basics, you should try out its variations. One of the most common practices is to lower your raps and doing it with weights.

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Single-leg deadlifts work on the hamstrings and hips. It is of utmost importance to cyclists as it helps correct the muscle imbalances as each leg works individually, and corrections that are unique to them correspond. Like with all exercises, start with low weights and small reps, and work your way up. It enhances glutes, core, and quads to provide you with the strength to intensify your cycling power.

These four exercises will cover all your basic requirements for cycling, and slowly you could incorporate even more workouts in your regime. These four exercises would assuredly increase your pedaling efficiency, correct muscular imbalances, and also aid power generation. So basically, we got you all covered, and till we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe!

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