Superman Exercise: How to do it, Benefits and Common Mistakes

Superman is a great exercise to strengthen your core and giving you a strong midsection. It can give you an extra edge when it comes to athletic pursuits such as running or cycling, and although it has a wide variety of other help benefits too. In this article, we will look at how to perform a perfect superman and its various health benefits, along with the common mistakes people make while doing it.

How to do the Superman exercise

1. Start with lying on the floor, with your belly facing down.

2. Extend your arms over your head and align your entire body in a

straight line.

3. Slowly elevate your arms and legs off the ground simultaneously.

4. Start squeezing the muscles in your butt as you make the lift.

5. Hold the position for two seconds, then slowly lower yourself down to

the floor.

Common Mistakes while performing Superman

  • Straining of the neck: Try not to pressurize your neck and try to form a neutral position.
  • Holding of Breath: Try breathing normally. It is one of the most common mistakes that all beginners make, so do not get too troubled and keep working on it.
  • Locking of elbows: Try to keep a slightly flexed elbow, so that when you raise your arms, then you don’t trap your elbows, and instead keep an appropriate bend in your arms.
  • High Lift: Make an effort to avoid hyperextension of your back by lifting your feet higher than necessary. Also, do not over pressurize the spine while raising your legs.
  • Pointy toes: Try to keep your feet neutral, as it is very tempting to curl toes during inhalation, but try to avoid that as much as possible.

Benefits of Superman exercise

Glute development:

Glute muscle benefits heavily from the superman exercise. It strengthens the butt and hamstrings muscles.

Lower-Back Strengthening:

It is essentially an exercise for the lower back. The exercise targets butt, hamstring and is an entire package for developing and strengthening the lower back.

Enhances Gymnastic and Athletic skills:

Superman exercise is a crucial movement skill essential in the understanding of the positions needed sports like gymnastics and also beneficial for athletic activities such as running, cycling, etc.

With mastery of this, you would have one more exercise on your fitness repertoire, one more step toward your fitness goal, and better overall health. Keep practicing and improving until we meet again, till then stay fit, stay healthy.

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