Our Mission

“Fitness is a journey and not a destination”
The hustle and bustle of the modern life, especially after we step out of our schools, really takes a toll on us. The average adult stops caring about his/her health, and that leads to higher chances of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and even depression.

Ironman Mrigesh Gupta with his Ultrarunner wife Rupal

According to research, 31.3% Indians are suffering from obesity. And not just India, obesity is an issue in quite the number of countries.

Rupal(Ultrarunner Lady) and Mrigesh(Ironman athlete) have embarked on a mission towards creating a better world. Combining Sports with Science, they produce videos on YouTube, blogs on their website, workouts, and challenges. With a potential of 130 crores we stand nowhere in events like Olympics and Ironman. They also train athletes from around the world to create an environment for strong Indian representation in races like Ironman and even the Olympics. It is quite motivating hearing the transformation stories of the people involved. Some of those stories are published here.