Ironman Mrigesh Gupta answers Frequently Asked Questions about Ironmen Academy.

Through a journey of self discovery and a whole bunch of sweat and blood, Mrigesh found his calling. His higher calling to push past human limits.To go where no man has gone. To do what no man has ever done. But most importantly, never stop pushing, because stopping is for when you are dead.

Why YouTube?

Mrigesh was surprised when he realised that one had to consciously look for India if one wanted to find it in the Olympic charts.  A population of 130 crores and still we have no representation. There is too much unexplored potential. Mrigesh wishes to change that, through a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. His journey really is inspiring. 

Why the name ‘Ironmen Academy’?

Ironmen is a unisex word. Mrigesh aims at guiding people so that they can partcicipate in races like Ironman and Ultraman.

Ironmen Academy aims at creating awareness. Much needed awareness for the frolic youth. Through employing the power of social media he works for a healthier and better society.

Life after Covid-19?

Mrigesh believes that running and cycling have become quite prominent during the pandemic, as sports. Cycles even went out of stock in stores like Walmart.

Should we take supplement?

Mrigesh relates how our body requires macro and micro nutrients and how defeciency of any of these nutrients can lead to deficiency diseases. But one should always go for natural sources. 

How do you train?

Mrigesh tells us how he combines running, swimming, strength training and cycling to keep his body fit.

Mrigesh believes that anything can be achieved, be it IIT or Olympics. His sound resolve is his strength. Through it he has guided people like Gaurav Aggarwal, Ironman Kazakhstan. Mrigesh also knows that no progress can be made without homework. So he challenges his viewers to perform a 30 min workout. It can be anything fromĀ  a 5 km walk to a 30 km cycling. Tag us on Instagram so we can see your progress.

Watch the complete interview :

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