How a common man becomes an Ironman?

“Exercise changes not only your body, it changes your attitude, mind and mood.”

The journey of co-founder of Ironmen Academy Mrigesh Gupta from a common man to Ironman and then ultraman.

Ironman Mrigesh Gupta started running 3 years ago after getting motivation from a friend’s Facebook post. When he ran for the first time, he faced many problems and within 100m he stopped. He pushed himself to where he is today. 

36 yrs old Mrigesh believes in good content and experience. That is why he shares all his secrets on his youtube channel. In all these years he has visited more than 30 countries including America, Australia, and Japan. He met and learned from worlds best athletes, coaches, CEO’s. As an IIT faculty, he has trained more than 50,000 students and successfully placed them in IITs, NITs and other government colleges.

Ironman worlds toughest single day race which includes 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km of full marathon. It may seem impossible but with proper planning and dedication most people can finish it and Mrigesh completed it in 15hrs.

After Ironman, Mrigesh completed Ultraman too. He says,”I have come this far to not stay here.” His future goals include but are not limited to participating in Race across America and climbing Mt. Everest.

He strongly believes in Sports life and prefers Workout over Hangout, Sports over Netflix, Healthy diet over partying, Gym membership over Hospital Bills and stays charged up 24/7.

And his only goal is to improve the standard of health and sports in India.

Watch the complete video :

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  1. Big admirer of the work you’ve done, Sir.
    Really looking forward to your videos. You’re on a noble journey. Godspeed.

  2. Your story is just touching and inspiring. We all can do whatever we want in life & if it’s about our health & fitness we must do it for ourself. Because success comes to those who hustle 💯

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