Full-Body Stretching Routine for Beginners: 10-minute Guided Session

Ironman Mrigesh Gupta brings forth another revolutionary idea for your workouts. He goes over the stretching techniques beginners must employ to make their workouts better.

These stretching exercises are great for your body as they loosen up those tight muscle fibers and help you perform better.
Mrigesh demonstrates how mobility and stretching exercises should be done before every workout. The four tenets of a good workout:

  • Warm-up
  • Mobility
  • Stretching
  • Cooldown
    Before starting with anything you must relax your shoulders. Be conscious of your posture, and relax. Slowly and carefully move your neck in all four directions. This will loosen it up.

You can use a foam roller to stretch out your chest. Just lay on the foam roller with your arms stretched wide. Move the roller as per your convenience. Don’t force it. Let gravity do most of the work.

Since you are already on the foam roller you can use it to stretch out your back too. Your back and chest will be thanking you for it, for years to come.

If you spend most of your day sitting, your gluteus can get awfully tight. Doing lunges really stretches them out. Do it one leg at a time, at your own pace and comfort.

The next step is to stretch out your hamstrings. Lay flat on your yoga mat. Now with the help of a towel, try lifting one foot straight up towards the ceiling. Do this one leg at a time, slowly.

You can finish off your stretching with the pose called Downward Dog. Begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Spread your fingers wide, distribute your weight evenly throughout the knuckles and palms. Raise your hips to the sky. Gently straighten your legs, but don’t lock your knees. Lengthen your spine. Hold this position for about 20 seconds, then slowly return to normal tabletop position.

Mrigesh emphasizes on the important points to remember like:

  • We must include all the joints and muscle fibers to strive for better mobility.
  • We must focus more on correct posture.
  • We must also focus on getting the proper response from the body, as failing to do so may cause injury.

Mrigesh tells us how overtraining leads to stiffening of muscle fibers. Athletes often realize too late and then they have to go for physiotherapy.
One can also use different pieces of equipment to stretch with, like Resistance Band and Foam Rollers.

Stretching daily can helps the muscles grow evenly. It gives you a better posture, increases flexibility and improves your range of motion. So you should definitely include it before and after your workouts.

Watch the full video on Full Body Stretch For Beginner by Ironmen Mrigesh:

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  1. Stretching actually makes our body so flexible & comfortable… You guided so well… Thank you for giving us such a great routines 👏

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