Benefits of Squats, Variations and Common Mistakes

Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilding freaks all over the Nation are gloomy over the closings of Gyms, on the brighter side Ironman Mrigesh came up with yet another dynamic and engaging workout series and exercises which don’t require a personal trainer. Due to the humongous reception of previous Ten Days Ten Pushup challenges, Ironman is once again back with a power-packed Ten Day Ten Squat Challenges.

Before Jumping into the mechanics of the Squats, let us look into  “Bad Squats” or mistakes in forms.

Common mistakes

1. Closed legs: This is the most basic mistake beginners make, but if you have spent any amount of time on a fitness routine, then you would have already overcome it.

2. Rounding off back: Stay extremely alert and careful about this error. This bad-posture could not only stop you from gaining benefits but also create a negative impact on your spine.

3. Halfway down: This is also one of the most common technical errors people make when starting out, and this hinders from reaching the proper depth. If this is recurrent for you to spend more time on bottom position, through small break reps and isometric work.

4. Caving of knees:  Straight up NO. It decreases your squatting positionally.

5. Shoes with a high drop: Could lead to limp feet and passive feet.

Now that we are clear what not to do, let us look at most effective  variations of Squats, starting with the most basic:

Classic Squat

It is the most basic type of squats, and beginners are recommended to start here and then try out other variations. Here’s how to do this:

* Stand straight.

* Have a 1 feet gap between legs.

* Have an outward ankle.

* Finally try sitting slowly, on an imaginary chair.

When legs make a 90-degree angle  with themselves try to hold the position for a very short time.

Ideal Routine: 10 reps

Sumo Squat:

Deriving its name from Japanese Sumo Wrestlers, this is one of the most interesting varieties.

How to do it:

* Make a wide distance between your legs.

* Throw the ankles outward. 

* Try sitting like the previous variation.

* It provides a very good hip flexes stretch.

 Ideal Routine: 20 reps

 Deep squat:

This variation is very popular with the wrestlers of our own country, and Pahalwans usually call it baithaks.

* It is almost the same as classic, but the only variation is that both legs thigh and calf should touch each other.

Ideal Routine: 15 reps

 Squat Jump:

This is the most dynamic workout on the list, and it also helps in burning calories, which ensures weight loss.

It requires one to take jerk from the ground and make a jump, while in squatting positions.

Ideal Routine: 10 reps

Squat Fast Rep:

This is a very high-intensity dynamic workout that increases muscle strength.

*Just get into the Squat position and do a ten degree up and down motion of legs.

Ideal Routine: 10 reps

Squat Lunge:

 This one is extremely good as along with being a variation of the squat it is also a stretch of the hamstring.

* Get in the standing position, along with your hands clasped in front of the chest.

* Get into the Squatting position.

* Bend one leg to make a 90-degree with the ground.

* Hold for support.

Homework Exercises

Being a teacher himself Ironman Mrigesh cannot keep himself from assigning Homeworks. You can search up these other variations and try them out yourself, expanding your fitness knowledge. Search for:

PliƩ Squat, Overhead press, and Isometric Squats.

Squats have immense benefits from strengthening the core to boosting athletic abilities. You can Try out these exercises at home without any equipment, try these out until we come out with new workout routines and challenges. Till then take care la fitness guys.

Watch complete video on Squats :

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