About Us

The adage holds true here as well.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman.”
Rupa Gupta “Rupal”, an MBA graduate, is the mind behind Ironmenacademy.
As an MBA in HR she is well-equipped to manage everything from Marketing to Content Building to Finance. But most importantly, she gets the job done.
She is an ultrarunner and a fitness icon among the ladies, with a plethora of knowledge on various forms of exercises like yoga and calisthenics, and even Nutrition.

At the same time she is proud of her family, her parents & beautiful twins.

Popularly known as IRONMAN, Mrigesh Gupta is a busy professional. He is an IIT Faculty member, nurturing thousands of students and guiding them to the world’s best colleges.

He ran competitively no more than 3 years ago, for the first time. Although the risk of obesity and diabetes hovered over him due to shoddy genetics, he found his calling in running. And he hasn’t looked back since.

Inspite of a highly demanding professional life and a loving family to take care of, Mrigesh pulled off all-nighters just to create that perfect balance between his personal and professional life.
He strongly believes in the LIFE-SPORT connection.
Achieving milestones like ULTRAMAN 10kšŸŠ , 424kšŸš“ , 84k šŸƒ, IRONMAN, Tuffman , Black Belt, in such a short span. He has grown even stronger from within and continuously exploring the infinite human potential. He believes that fitness is not a milestone but a journey of setting your priorities right.