5 Minute Full Body Warm Up before a workout

As we know the four tenets of a good workout:

  • Warm Up
  • Mobility
  • Stretching
  • Cooldown

The warm up is the most important of them all. It is how you begin your workout.

Stretching and mobility, loosen up your muscle fibers. Warm up increases blood circulation and your body gets ready for the coming workout.

Modern life can indeed be quite hectic but it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

Mrigesh, co founder of Ironmen Academy goes over basic exercises for a wholesome warm up routine that targets all your muscles. Let’s get right into it.

You can begin your warm up with some mild stretching. It loosens up the nasty tight muscles and prepares them for what’s about to come. Next we skip some rope.

Skipping is a low impact sport, and you can even do it without a rope. Just remember to bend your knees a little and land on your toes while skipping.

Next, do a couple of jumping jacks. Athletes use this exercise all the time for a good warm-up.

For your agility, you can go for some inplace running.

Follow it with some movement for your ankles. Just do it 3 times clockwise and anticlockwise.

Next, go for some kick and claps. These are great for increasing your heart rate and getting the blood to pump. Just do a kick and clap underneath one leg at a time.

Ab-ductors are up next. This funky sounding exercise is great for your core and obliques. Just kick to the sides five times each.

Follow with some chin-ups. Chin-ups are a great compound exercise because they target your biceps and back muscles. Just remember to breathe steadily and keep your legs crossed for extra support. Mind your posture.

Next are classic burpees. Jump inplace, then do a push-up and then squat to stand. Repeat.

Classic push-ups are up next. This age-old exercise targets your chest, shoulders and your triceps. Remember to not lock your knees in keep your butt tucked in.

You can finish of this warm-up with some classic squats and lunges. Mind your range of motion, and remember to do lunges slowly, one leg at a time.

We always make up excuses about how we do not have time for warm ups and workouts, but Mrigesh asks a very genuine question, “Do you not have five minutes for yourself?”

Watch 5 Minute Full Body Warm Up Video :

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