10 Essential Piece of Equipments for Long Run

Anyone who has participated in a marathon or usually runs a long-distance knows the importance of having the right gear. Attempting a long-distance run without proper pieces of equipment is not only an unwise idea but could also be a very reckless task. Hence to provide beginners with an idea of what gears they should carry along while attempting a long-distance run, Ironmen Academy has pieced together a list for precisely that purpose.

Running Shoes:

These are the most valuable item on any runner’s list and can easily be confused with regular sneakers, and hence proper care should be taken in buying these.

Learn more about the types of shoes here: https://ironmenacademy.com/how-to-choose-the-best-running-shoes-for-you/


It is a piece of essential equipment during your training period. Use a watch or app for this purpose. To keep track of the pattern and speeds on various routes etc, a tracker is a must.

Training Applications:

These again are basically for the training period, and you can download these apps from Google Play Store or Apple Store. These can keep a proper track of various physiological parameters and give you an idea of how or if you should attempt the long run.


If you want to attempt long-form running, you may end up getting injured, and there are chances of muscle aches and strains, so it is always advisable to use athletic tapes to provide support and stability.

Technical T-shirt:

Usually made from materials such as nylon, they let the sweat evaporate efficiently and are a must if you plan to go on a long-form run.

Sports Jacket:

A lightweight and breathable jacket is a must if you plan to run in cold weather. Sport Jackets usually are waterproof and are so designed to allow free movement of your body.

Sports Socks:

They provide better support against frictions and rashes then your regular socks and also dry up very quickly.

Sports Sunglasses:

It is very vital to protect your eyes if the sun is at its peak, hence never forget to wear sports sunglasses on those occasions. Also, it doesn’t seem much different than your regular sunglasses, so, can also be used casually.

Sun Screen:

Again whenever the sun is unbearable, never forget to put on some sunscreen. Not only does it protects you from tanning, but also the harmful effects of the scorching sun.

Sports Drink:

Always keep yourself hydrated and carry sports drinks with you, as it is a very draining job, and you need to keep your energy intact to complete the job.

Whenever you plan to perform a long-form run

or even on the practice, always try to carry the above gears.

These are both essential and would also boost your abilities.

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